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Automatic Quality Assurance

This is an alpha release of the VT-WFU Auto QA software. There are plans to rewrite the application in a single language and bundle with a DICOM recevier such that the QA images can be pushed directly from a scanner and reports generated via http. If you are interested in receiveing updates about the progress or wish to provide assisstance, email

Source: zip format

See the following for details of the methods used:
Automated Quality Assurance for Magnetic Resonance Image with Extensions to Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Atiba Fitzpatrick
M.S. Thesis
Virginia Tech 2005

Copyright 2005 Atiba Fotzpatrick and Chris Wyatt. Portions of this code include contributions by Jung Wook Suh.
Licence: BSD, however the code also uses the TNT C++ library and portions of SPM, and so those portions are under their respective licenses.