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DiffusionKurtosisFit (DKIFIT)


Code to reconstruct the Diffusion Kurtosis Tensor from Diffusion Weighted MRI. It takes multiple DWI volumes in Nrrd format and produces a DTI volume and a Diffusion Kurtosis Tensor (DKI) volume. The tensor volumes only include the unique terms in the symmetric tensors in row-major order. Uses the same approach as described in: Tabesh, A., Jensen, J. H., Ardekani, B. A., & Helpern, J. A. (2011). Estimation of tensors and tensor-derived measures in diffusional kurtosis imaging. Magnetic resonance in medicine, 65(3), 823–36. doi:10.1002/mrm.22655 except it uses an interior-point method for the constrained optimization.

The source code and most up-to-date documentation is available on the github page. You can also file issue reports there.


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