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A First Year Engineering Project - Tomographic Image Reconstruction

Description: Tomographic imaging creates three-dimensional images of object properties by processing multiple measurements from transmitted or emitted energy. This type of imaging system can characterize the internal structure and function of opaque objects and has numerous applications in inspection and biomedicine. In this hands-on project students simulate the acquisition of projections, reconstruct the images, and explore the relationship between the number of projections, number of samples per projection, and the Xray noise model on image quality. The students also preform a diagnosis to identify the presense or absense of an object by reconstructing given sinograms.

Requirements: Matlab is required although Scilab could also be used with minor changes.

Copyright: This project and all documents are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license version 3.0. You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit us for the original creation.

Individual Files or download all files as a zip archive.

Project Abstract (pdf format) (rtf format)

This is a brief project description for distribution to students.

Slides for introductory lecture (pdf format) (ppt format)

These are the slides for the introductory lecture.

Detailed Project Description (pdf format) (rtf format)

This is a detailed project description for distribution to students including step by step instructions.

Project Data (zip format)

These are two sinograms in matlab format for part two of the project.